Chapter of natural gas liquefaction

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Six Tee has been working in the field of the design, research and development, marketing and procurement, project management, construction and installation, commissioning, service and etc of the medium and small scale of natural gas liquefaction plant. The company has been awarded with the qualification certificate of the engineering design issued by the national petroleum and gas industry and is able to be the EPC contractor for the medium and small scale LNG plant. Furuise has taken a leading position in the small scale natural gas liquefaction and technology which has been certified with the hi-tech products issued by national science and technology bureau. 

Six Tee provides full solutions to the clients on the purification, liquefaction, storage and transportation of the standard pipeline gas, oil gas, coal gas, shield gas, and coke-over gas. The design, research and development covers the technical pipelines, control and electrical instrumentation, structure and civil engineering. Furuise has strong capability of technical research and development, project management, and technical service. Through the cooperation with Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Furuise has set up a LNG engineering technical center which is committed to the promotion and execution of the medium and small scale LNG plant and integrated chain solution home and abroad.

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