LNG/L-CNG vehicle refueling device

Product Details

Introduction of LNG/L-CNG vehicle refueling station

      In 2008, Furuise undertook the 863 project of  <Research and Development of mobile skid LNG refueling station> from the State science and technology department and the first set of product was delivered in June 2009 when the enterprise standard for this product was complied and recorded by the Province Quality Inspection Bureau which has provides support for the promotion and completion of the national standard of this product in this industry. The standard of <Technical Specification of the skid LNG vehicle refueling station> was published at the beginning of 2012. Furuise is capable of being the EPC contractor and can provide the turn-key engineering service to the clients. 

   Furuise provides the advanced remote monitoring system of the LNG/L-CNG vehicle refueling station. Batches of the LNG vehicle refueling stations have been operated which has brought great contribution to the LNG industry in China and will bring a safer, more environmental, energy-saving solution to the LNG industry. 

    Advantages: convenient, safe and reliable; low cost; prospective.

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